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Waterfowl & Upland game

Waterfowl hunts take place on private leases throughout Modoc and Lassen counties. We hunt out have pit blinds, ground blinds, and tule/brush blinds. We hunt over lakes, ponds, sloughs, rivers, wild rice and dry fields. We only book hunts when the hunting is at its absolute best. We have two seasons, the first is the normal season from around the first Saturday in October and goes into the third Saturday in January. We get a mixed variety of ducks the duck hunting is usually lights out until November then everything freezes and they migrate south. The honker hunting is lights out the first week or two of the season then slows down till the third week in Novemeber when it picks up for the rest of the season. The second season is a late season snow/speck hunt that usually starts the first week in February and runs to the first weekend in March. This is a fun hunt with thousands of birds, we catch them in there migration north.

We do Quail & Dove hunts as well, lots of birds, always makes for a good shoot.


Waterfowl hunt:         $350/day per hunter
Upland Game:            $250/day per hunter 
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